Medical Affairs

Techsol’s MedInquirer is a next generation, comprehensive, end to end medical…
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Drug Safety

Health Sciences provide world’s leading Safety Data Management and Reporting System Argus Safety…
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Clinical Development

Techsol in partnership with Omnicom provide world’s leading Phase 1 Clinic automation….
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Lab, MES and Quality

Techsol’s Quality Management practice offers solutions to enable Pharma/Biotech/Devices…
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Business Optimization

Techsol’s Global Service Delivery Model enables customers to maximize the quality of solutions..
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Techsol Labs

Techsol Labs, is our product development business unit, led by experienced product development…
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Latest Blog

6 Critical Considerations for the Modern Global Medical Information System

If you’re looking for a new Global Medical Information (MI) system, make sure you read these top six considerations from Jayne Packham, a consultant with 23 years’ experience in MI. It’s a given that a modern global MI system, should log, track and seamlessly integrate with a knowledge base of responses. But what else should […]

“MedInquirer” making its way as Global Medical Information Management System

From its inception in 2010, Techsol has invested in development of web based medical information system to provide pharma companies an effective inquiry management system. Techsol’s MedInquirer is a next generation, comprehensive, end to end medical information management system that will optimize global compliance […]

Latest News & Events

2nd Boston Medical Affairs Seminar

Techsol Corporation will be attending at the 2nd Boston Medical Affairs Seminar at Revere Hotel Boston Common in Boston, NA, on the 7th and 8th October.

DIA 11th Annual Medical Information conference

Techsol corporation will be exhibiting at the DIA 11th Annual Medical Information conference at the Novotel Barcelona city in Spain, on the 15th and 16th of November. 


Techsol Argus Safety Cloud and E2B (R3) ...

During this webinar, the speakers will describe and demonstrate how emerging life science companies can take advantage of a market-leading safety solution – Argus Safety cloud….

Global Medical Information System

Techsol, a global leader in life sciences, will present a webinar that will examine key characteristics of a global medical information management system and the critical factors that drive…..